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The Installers:
We are extremely proud of the fact that 2 of our supervisors have been with our company since 1991 and 1994. Very few companies in our industry have that type of employee retention. This is just one more reason why you can expect your waterproofing deck project or floor coating project to "Be Done Right the First Time".


Wes Meursing handles all of the management duties. Our customers can reach him day or night by email or phone. His qualifications include growing up in and around the deck coating business. In fact his older brother Mike Meursing started a floor coating manufacturing business (Versatile Building Products) over 20 years ago. Today Versatile is a leader in low voc coatings, selling its products internationaly. Wes started out at the bottom installing deck coatings on weekends while going to school. He began full time employment after graduating high school and worked his way to the top within 7 years. He has now been managing Deck Water Proofing Experts for over 5 years. Wes has over 12 years of full time personal experience and more than 50 years of experience a phone call away. So when Wes says it can be done, you can expect it to be true.

We also carry liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 as well as workers compensation.

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